Dear Parents and Carers,

As advised by the College yesterday, it is our intention to conduct a viability test on Tuesday 17 March 2020, using a variety of digital learning mediums. This test will allow us to evaluate our capacity to deliver teaching and learning if the College is required to close.

The Leadership Team has decided to work with the Year 8 cohort and the nominated Year 5 class. Families are invited to keep their son, from these respective groups, at home to participate in the ‘Viability Testing’. It is not mandatory for your son to stay at home.

At this point, the trial is only for Year 8 students and the nominated Year 5 class. The normal timetable for the other Year 5 classes, Year 6, 7, 9, 10, 11 and 12 will be maintained unless otherwise advised.

The decision to utilise these two groups offers us a variety of content and delivery methods. It will be a College expectation that all students regardless of location, will be logged into the normal timetabled lesson and a roll will be taken.

We will test a variety of operating models:

  • Teacher at home / students at school
  • Teacher at school / students at home
  • Teacher at home / students at home

If your son is in the nominated Year 5 class, please complete the information on the form via this link Year 5 Viability Testing

If your son is in Year 8, please complete the information on the form via this link Year 8 Viability Testing

In the interests of our planning, we would appreciate that families complete the relevant form by no later than Sunday evening.

It is anticipated that the College will only run the first four periods of Tuesday classes for Year 8 and Rosa Papalia’s Year 5 class. Students at school will be supervised after lunch. In Period 5 and 6, the College will undertake a review of the process and we would welcome parental feedback if you have observed the remote learning environment. Please complete the form via this link Parent Feedback. We will also be inviting student feedback.

The College is aware that this may place some pressure on families, but it is a vital part of our overall continuity planning and we appreciate your support.

A reminder, detailed correspondence was sent yesterday outlining:

  • Precautions
  • Emergency Response Plan
  • Current mitigation strategies
  • Establishing a student working from home environment
  • Family travel plans
  • Good hygiene practice

We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you informed. We appreciate your ongoing cooperation and understanding of our efforts to keep our community safe.

Yours sincerely
Jonathan Byrne

NSW Health:


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