This Saturday we will be opening our doors to over 400 educators from throughout NSW.  We are hosting a ‘Harvard Project Zero’ event, provided for free, thereby offering the opportunity for all educators from all domains, to learn cutting edge teaching and learning techniques. 

Leading Harvard Project Zero and key note speaker is Harvard Graduate, Lecturer & Researcher, Rhonda Bondie who has travelled from the States to address the audience on the weekend. 

Results from this invaluable professional development learning experience for Kindergarten to Year 12  educators, will eventually be converted to continuing teaching practices at the most innovative and creative level for all students.

Kylie Bowra, St Augustine’s College’s Leader of Teaching & Learning and organiser of the event said “We’ve been working on this project with Harvard for a period of time and are looking forward to welcoming so many dedicated educators.  They will be provided with useful classroom examples, evaluation procedures, self-reflection activities, teaching them to think on their feet and promote success for all students, not just the middle of the pack.”

For more information please contact Ms Bowra on 9938 8221 or 

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