Inaugural Project Zero Sydney at hit.

On Saturday, May 5, the College proudly opened its doors for a Project Zero Sydney (PZSyd) conference. The conference is the inaugural event of the newly formed Project Zero Sydney Network, a not-for-profit network of Sydney educators inspired by ideas emerging from the Project Zero team at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE). The central aim of PZSyd is to share our passion for these ideas with as many educators as possible by providing free professional learning experiences for Australian educators. 

The conference attracted more than 400 educators across all sectors in education: state schools, independent schools, religious schools, and from other-types-of-educational institutions.  The focus of the PZSyd conference was ‘All Learners Learning Every Day,’ and we were tremendously honored to have Dr. Rhonda Bondie, a lecturer at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE). Rhonda presented with endless energy and enthusiasm that inspired learners of all ages.  Her years of experience and extensive research on inclusive teaching has yielded the book; Differentiated Instruction Made Practical: Engaging the Extremes through Classroom Routines. Rhonda shared practical classroom routines that are rooted in self-regulated learning and motivation sciences.

 Twitter comments throughout PZSyd:

“An amazing conference and learning opportunity, being curious in a Culture of Thinking.”

 “ Thank you Rhonda Bondie for changing the way I think about differentiation.”

 “Teachers learning on a Saturday. Don’t tell QLD MP Andre Laming that we’re working out of school hours. Thank you Project Zero Sydney (not-for-profit) for providing us with a fabulous, motivating experience.”

College teaching staff members Danielle Stanway, Chris Govers and Andrew Strunk


Guest speaker and lecturer Dr Rhonda Bondie, Harvard Gratuate School of Education

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