On Wednesday 14th March, 23 Augustine's swimmers from Years 7-12 were selected to compete in the ISA swimming championships at SOPAC, Homebush.

Of the 50 events that our boys competed it, we placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in 47 events - almost 95% of races! This demonstrates that we had a very strong team across all age groups and events, culminating in winning the overall division 1 boys points score for the 2nd year in a row!

We look forward to taking many of our students to race in individual events at the next level, NSW CIS, just after Easter on 4th an 5th April.

Although it is not official at this stage, it looks like all of our relay teams - junior, intermediate and senior in both freestyle and medley will also go through to represent our College at NSW CIS.

Of special mention is 15 year old Tyson Bujak Upton's record breaking 100m freestyle swim in an amazing time of 53.75 seconds!

Great job boys, we were very proud of your efforts!

*Additional Image - Matthew Melhuish - 2018 Swimming Captain

Anita Harris
TIC Swimming

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