For the past two years, Truth and Love were the mission focus at St Augustine’s College. This year the theme is CommunityTo Be One Orchestra For The Lord (Augustine on Psalm 150).  

On Wednesday February 5th as part of the College Community theme, over 1200 students and staff commenced their school year with a beautiful open-air Mass held at Brookvale Oval, adjacent to the College.  Our annual Mass of the Holy Spirit was held off campus due to the one year development and refurbishment program being undertaken during 2019. The development includes a temporary closure of two major buildings in preparation for the 2020 school year.   

“The development is part of the College’s long-term building program, which will be an exciting enhancement to our campus, benefiting this generation of students and the next. We have already completed our sophisticated new TAS (Technical and Applied Science) faculty. The College is set to be showcased to our prospective families and community at our Open Day on Friday March 1” said Principal, Jonathan Byrne.  

OPEN DAY – FRIDAY MARCH 1, 2019  3:45PM TO 7:00PM
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