If you are a regular reader of our Tolle Lege newsletter, you will be well aware of the many opportunities the College provides throughout the year to enhance the wellbeing of our students. Effective wellbeing programs that explicitly teach social and emotional competencies enable students to optimise their wellbeing and academic potential. Next year, the College is further strengthening its approach to student wellbeing by introducing fortnightly Positive Education lessons into the timetable for Years 5-8 and incorporating it into the Year 9 Unitas Program. Positive Education will continue to underpin the Pastoral Program that runs fortnightly for Year 7-12 Students.

The lessons will be delivered by a core team of staff who, over the recent holidays, attended a two-day course in Applied Positive Psychology. The course enabled staff to gain a much deeper understanding of the science behind and the evidence for the benefits of Positive Education and how it can be applied in a school context. Students already participate in an extensive annual wellbeing survey and the valuable data this provides allows us to evaluate our current approach and shape future practice. We eagerly await the results of this new direction in the area of wellbeing in the coming years.

The College anticipates that, over time, a whole school approach to Positive Education will build capacity, confidence and resilience in our young men and enable them to be the best versions of themselves they can be. I would like to thank Ilona Welch, Acting Leader of Wellbeing, for coordinating the training and for her strategic leadership of student wellbeing this year.

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