The Peer Support Program will be in operation again next year. It provides students with a supportive, fun and engaging environment where young people can develop understanding, skills, attitudes and strategies to improve their mental, social and emotional wellbeing. The module students will participate in has an anti-bullying focus entitled: Strengthening Our Connections. It is designed to equip young people with the skills to deal proactively with life experiences.  

Year 7 students will meet in small groups every week for eight weeks. Sessions will run for 40 minutes and during this time students will work through activities from the module. Briefing and debriefing sessions, led by teachers, take place before and after each session. Trained Year 10 Peer Leaders, supervised by a teacher, facilitate the sessions. Training of these volunteers continued this week.  

The Peer Support Strengthening our Connections Module aims to encourage positive behaviours in students, such as gratitude, respect and kindness. This module offers an approach to reduce and respond effectively to negative behaviours, including bullying, both face to face and online by:

• encouraging students to discuss behaviours that make themselves and others feel good and help everyone reach their potential

• helping students navigate the challenges that can and do arise in relationships

• identifying and responding appropriately to a range of harmful or hurtful behaviours.


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