This week you will read class news from our Year 5 Student Leaders. Our Student Leadership team in the Primary School have a variety of duties they perform, and they do so unbelievably well. Last week we hosted the SAOBA (Saint Augustine’s Old Boys’ Association) Nostalgia lunch, with our Student Leaders officially welcoming our guests and acting as tour guides as well as talking about their experiences as Primary School students at St Augustine’s. We often read about the ‘youth of today’ the ‘dangers of technology’, and perceived ‘lack of manners’, however my experience is totally the opposite. The boys I encounter each day are a credit to their parents. They are well spoken, polite, friendly and kind young men who greet you with a firm handshake, they look you in the eye and welcome you with a smile. The future is in good hands!

The guests who visited the College on Friday certainly got a sense of what ‘community’ means at St Augustine’s and they left commenting on their positive interactions with our Student Leaders and several volunteers, including the grandsons of a number of the guests present. As part of the day Aiden Haney (Year 6) and Noah Rylands (Year 5) presented 3-minute speeches on the topic ‘Missing’ in preparation for the IPSHA Public Speaking competition after the holidays. Well done to both boys for their confident presentations and for all our volunteers and Student Leaders for promoting the Primary School in such a positive manner.

Aiden Haney, Noah Rylands, Year 6 Students who welcome our Old Boy's to the Nostalgia Lunch 


College Old Boys from the original first class of 1956 L-R David Gilbert, Tony Smith, Michael Abbott, Michael Rochford with his grandson Archie Rochford - Year 6, (son of Old Boy Dr Andrew Rochford) Oscar McFarland- Year 6.

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