This quote was central to the address by Dux of the College, Domenico Zipparo, at our 2017 HSC Awards Assembly on Tuesday. Domenico spoke to the College community about application and improvement. In his address he thanked the staff and his family, giving special note to his sisters. It was important for the student body to hear him talk about how here, in his early years, he was ranked in the middle of the cohort. Domenico spoke strongly to his peers about the need to focus on learning and to think about goals, both short and long term. John Laforest, Deputy Principal – Academic, and I both referenced the importance of effort and achievement. Achievement is not measured with a blunt tool like a league table of Band 6 results. These results are indicative of every student in the cohort, applying himself and achieving beyond his expected level of academic accomplishment. 

Jonathan Byrne, Principal

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