Mulga (Joel Moore) a Sydney based artist, illustrator, musician and poet has designed a large outdoor mural for us to represent particular aspects of our Augustinian faith, showcasing our 2019 theme of ‘community’ and the culture of the school.  

Images on the colourful mural were outlined on to the 6m x 2.4m wall inside the College with some of our Visual Art students joining Mulga in ‘painting in’ the colours.   The sketches included the statue of Saint Augustine, located at the front of the College, the flaming heart pierced by an arrow representing the emblem of the Order of Saint Augustine, the colourful hands representing ‘community’ and our Year 12 Augustinian Graduates for 2019, a wave representing the northern beaches, a panda representing our Chinese International Students and a koala bear for an Australiana theme.  

Mulga, a father of three, is known for his unique style of intricate line work and bright colours bringing to life a world where tropical bearded men run rampant, lions smoke tobacco pipes, tigers wear diamond sunglasses and gorillas rule the world like some kind of funky planet of the apes. His work is sometimes aligned with infamous Reg Mombassa and his Australiana themed Mambo graphics.   When asked what Mulga enjoyed about his 3 day artist-in-residence experience our College he said “I loved being back at a school.  The energy and honesty of the boys and their positive affirmations of the artwork made it a great experience.”  

College Visual Arts Faculty Co-ordinator Robyn Larbalestier said “It’s been an amazing hands on learning experience not only for our Visual Arts students, but for all of the boys to witness the mural unfold throughout their school day this week.  The mural will remain as a permanent part of the College and is located adjacent to our brand new Design and Technology classrooms opened this year.  It will be on the Open Day tour route for our many prospective families visiting us for Open Day this Friday afternoon”.

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