In the recent October school holidays Adam Craven travelled to Europe. Firstly, he chose to pay homage to his relatives who fought and died on the battlefields of the Western Front in Belgium during WWI and secondly, to visit our Augustinian community in the Convento Sant'agostino in San Gimignano, an Italian Hill town in Tuscany. Having heard glowing reports about San Gimi, as it is affectionately known, from our College Chaplain Fr Senan Ward OSA and teachers Craig Jeffery and Les Bobis, amongst many other staff who have travelled there over the years, Adam was keen to connect with our worldwide Augustinian community abroad.

On arrival he met Fr Brian Lowery OSA, an American born Augustinian who re-established the community in Tuscany in the early 2000’s.  Whilst the Monastery dates back to the 1300’s, the Order had a long hiatus from the city, post the Napoleon conquests through Europe in 1801.

Reaching the majestic gates of the walled city of San Gimignano was breath taking, then attending the daily 5pm mass with Fr Brian, Fr Delphie, Fr Ron and Fr Vance gave him an even more special connection with the local Augustinian community. The gracious hosts had an abundance of local knowledge, making Adam’s time there the most memorable of his Italian travels.

San Gimi consists of medieval streets throughout the town, full of history, culture and a simple beauty. 

Over the preceding days Adam took in the sites including the many galleries, museums, wineries and the historical churches and the nearby cities of Florence and Siena.  It was a time of discovery and learning more about the life of Saint Augustine.

Adam says he highly recommends his Augustinian connection to the Convento Sant'agostino to our College community, as all visitors, especially members of our international Augustinian community, are welcomed with open arms by the Fathers of San Gimi. 

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