“Yesterday morning we continued our strong enrolments in Year 5 by welcoming 84 new boys and their parents into our College community. The boys arrived at the College looking very grown up in their new  uniforms, many with their older siblings in Year 12 taking the opportunity to have a photo with their younger brothers. The parents did a tremendous job as their sons were impeccably dressed, with their beautiful manners and friendly greetings a highlight of the morning. 

The P&F Assn organised a New Parents Morning Tea to welcome new parents. It was a wonderful opportunity to begin new friendships and celebrate for many, a new and exciting journey at St Augustine’s for the next 8 years.

College Principal, Jonathan Byrne, spoke to the new Year 5 boys after lunch, retelling the time his father gave him a sugar satchel some 40 years ago with the quote inscribed ‘it is better to have tried and failed than to have never tried at all’. He still has this laminated in his wallet to this day, and to me encapsulates a strong Augustinian philosophy.” said Terry Walsh, Head of Primary School. 

New friendships, lots of learning, fun and ready for what lays ahead…

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