The Ordination of Rev Fr Quang Tuyen Pham OSA was held recently at Holy Spirit Parish, St Clair, NSW. 

Fr Tuyen’s family is unique in that he has two other brothers who are priests, another was ordained deacon in July this year and his youngest brother has just joined the Augustinian’s  “Come and See” program in Saigon, Vietnam. God willing, that could be five priests from the one family.

Due to current Covid-19 restrictions, only 100 guests were permitted to attend. With Fr Tuyen’s family in Vietnam, they participated along with many of his friends and Augustinian confreres, via live stream. 

Principal, Jonathan Byrne wrote to Prior Provincial, Fr Peter Jones OSA on behalf of the College and extended our prayers and best wishes to Fr Quang Tuyen Pham OSA on his Ordination to the priesthood.

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