Old Boy Samson Coulter (Class of 2017) will be hosting a Q&A at Warriewood Cinemas as he catapults in to the movie industry.

Samson is starring as Pikelet in Australian actor Simon Baker’s debut role as a director of the movie Breath, based on the book by renown author Tim Winton.  

Good luck Samson!  

 “Samson Coulter was always a wonderful talent in Drama and a powerful opinion leader for many Drama students here at the College. Samson challenged the stereotype whilst here. He was a junior surfing champion who loved drama. An athlete and an artist who was academic, creative, self-motivated and self-styled. It always amazes me that some don’t see the connection, but sport and drama are near relatives, siblings perhaps. They share the same DNA. Looking a little deeper, drama and surfing are possible twins - both creative, disciplined, expressive, physical, partly rehearsed, often improvised, and always pushing the boundaries. Breath is a beautiful film, Samson’s performance is fresh, raw, honest and powerful. I loved the book when I read it years ago, and I knew as soon as he was cast, that Samson was perfect for the role. I am extremely proud of Samson’s achievements in this film. I am also equally proud of his academic achievements in Drama, where he placed first in HSC Drama class 2017.”

Owen Vale – Faculty Co-Ordinator Drama

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