Last Thursday’s Reflection Day provided all boys with the opportunity to explore their character strengths, talents and gifts. In an Augustinian context this also necessitates that the boys use these talents in serving others. The theme of the day was ‘Gifts and the Giver’. All boys were encouraged to use the gifts they have been given by God to assist others to become the best version of themselves. To assist in the day, we had six Senior boys act as group facilitators, guiding the Year 5 boys to explore their character strengths and discuss the saying, ‘you should never judge a book by its cover’.

The day concluded with a wonderful Liturgy of the Eucharist, presided over by College Chaplain, Fr Senan Ward OSA. I would like to thank Simon Hyland, Leader of Liturgy and Retreats, for his coordination of the day and to the Senior boys for their exemplary behaviour and positive role modelling. If these Senior boys represent the product of an Augustinian education, then sign my son up now! They were remarkable and have a bright future as Primary School teachers judging by their interactions and facilitation of their groups. Thank you to Liam Brennan, Cooper Hatvany, Toby Newey, Jack McDonagh, Daniel Ala and Joshua Thorowgood for ‘placing yourself at the service of others’. It was interesting to note that five of the six volunteers began their schooling at St Augustine’s in Year 5.

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