Yesterday, Wednesday 10th, we had a visit from the director of the ‘Hearts Above the Sea’ Foundation, an organisation primarily concerned with raising awareness of the plight of nations impacted by climate change. Year 5 Kirkwood have been involved in a virtual exchange program with a Year 5 class in Kiribati and it has made a real impact on the children in his class. It has been an amazing experience connecting with their overseas friends over the course of 15 months. We hope to continue this relationship for many years to come.

This program is so important for the children of Kiribati, to be able to share the real impacts of global climate change, with the world. I'm afraid that in many countries, including Australia, we are so far removed from what climate change is doing to our planet.  The beautiful culture and children of Kiribati will help put a human face on global climate change. I hope this program can help lead to improvements on our roles to make changes to how we care for our planet and provide support and love for the low-lying nations who are most vulnerable. 

Kiribati is a tiny island nation in Micronesia, with its highest point at 3m above sea level and they are currently facing drastic consequences of rising sea levels as a result of global climate change.  Villages are flooding with high tide, and many homes have had to move back from the shore to be rebuilt on higher ground.  Scientists predict that Kiribati may have as little as 20 years before the entire island nation is forced into displacement due to rising sea levels, making them the world’s first global climate change refugees.
Terry Walsh - Head of Primary School


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